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How to Create a Successful Business Plan for Your Blog #bloggingtips

How to Create a Successful Business Plan for Your Blog

I bet you’re here because you’re ready to try your hand at it? You may be tired of blogging for free. It’s A LOT of work. I don’t blame you. You should want to get paid when you’re adding value for your readers and working your head off.

So here is a jump-start to a blogging business plan that will work….

5 Simple Ways to Get Crap Done and Quit Feeling Anxious #bloggingtips

5 Simple Ways to Get Crap Done!

In this training, I’m going to answer the #1 question I have been asked over the course of my lifetime… seriously. {I keep stats on stuff like this, pathetic, I know!}
How in the world do you get SO much done!?!

5 Simple Ways to ROCK Your Blog AND Have a Life!

Blogging can be rough and before we know it… it can consume every part of our life. This fun infographic will give you five quick steps that will put you back on top and keep you in charge of your blog instead of letting your blog run you…

19 Work from Home Hacks! #blogger

19 Powerful Tips to Make ‘Working from Home’ Work for YOU!

You CAN make a full-time living and you can have more flexibility, more freedom and more influence working from home. Don’t ever let anyone fool you into believing that it’s impossible – because it’s REAL! Like I said, I’ve done it for ten years and I’m not the only one…

The Reason You Aren't Making Money Like Other Bloggers #blogtips

The Reason You Aren’t Making Money Like Other Bloggers!

There are lots of reasons your blog isn’t making money like other bloggers are.

And no, it has nothing to do with page views or low traffic.

If you’ve got a blog that adds value to the lives of your readers, not just because you hope it does, but because you KNOW it does and you’re still not making money blogging, then there are a few things you need to dig deep into and take a look at, let’s start with six today…

6 Ways an Email List Will Benefit Your Blog #bloggingtips

6 Ways an Email List Will Benefit Your Blog

‘So you’re saying I have to create and maintain an email list for my blog?’

You’ve got to be kidding, right? I can’t possibly do ONE. MORE. THING.

Don’t worry, ‘have to’ is only an operative term. You never have to do anything. If you want to see your blogging business skyrocket, then yes, you do have to create and maintain a simple email list. If you’re not worried about turning your blog into a business and making a stable income, then you can simply disregard the charge…

5 Practices that Will Skyrocket Your Blogging Income #bloggingtips

1 Routine {5 Simple Steps} to Skyrocket Your Blogging Income

f you’ve tried and tried to make money blogging but you just haven’t seen the success you’re hoping for – it’s time to try these simple, actionable principles on for size!

Choose the courage to make your own rules. Stand out from the crowd and buck the status quo.
Don’t be afraid to monetize. You don’t have to hard sell, it’s as simple as becoming a matchmaker.
Know your audience. What are their needs and how can you add value to their lives?
Plan, plan, plan. You’ve got to have a plan.
Produce in your sweet spot. That’s where the profits flow…