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5 Steps to Boost Your Blogging Income

Hello my friends and welcome to this week’s Hobby to HOT! Insider show.

Blogging is hard work. It takes a lot of time and it requires some serious skill.

You deserve the best when you give your best.

So today we are going to talk about five Hobby to HOT! foundational principles that will skyrocket your success and your income when you apply them together. We even created a fun acronym for them so it’s easy to remember and keep your focus on the prize!

The blogger who applies them always R.E.A.P.S. the rewards ;)

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So as I was saying…

The acronym is reaps.

Let’s start with R.

R is for Rules: Don’t follow them. Yes, I really said that!

There aren’t many things in life that we can throw out the rules for, so have fun with this one!

People don’t follow your blog because yours is just like everyone else’s. They follow it because it is unique and because you offer something that other blogs can’t compete with. Successful bloggers aren’t afraid of writing their own rules and paving their own path – that’s what makes them successful!


  • You set the stakes.
  • You call the shots and
  • You write your own manual

Here’s the thing. If you are going by someone else’s manual, then you aren’t producing anything new. Your blog then falls under a large umbrella of blogs that are all the same. People don’t care which street corner they buy a hat off of if every street corner has the same hat!

Do you see where I’m going with this?

It’s like giving a kid a blue popsicle. It doesn’t matter what brand you give them! They can’t tell the difference! They just want the color blue, and let me tell you, there are a lot of blue popsicles out there.

So what are you doing to make your blog unique? How is your blue popsicle different from all the others, and what keeps people buying your brand?

Think about blogging as a deck of face cards. If a deck of face cards came with a set of rules that you had to follow, you wouldn’t be able to play some of your favorite games!

So, don’t narrow down your options, your audience, and your game with rules. Make your own!

Ok, now to the second letter- E.

E Stands for Economics.

If you are going to be a successful blogger, you have to understand the rules of Economics. Let’s quickly go through each of these.

Number 1) Opportunity Cost

Know the power of opportunity cost : do something if its benefit outweighs its cost. It’s not about doing when you can, it’s about doing when it’s right and turning it into an asset along the way.

Number 2) Leverage

Learn how to leverage the resources you have to get what you want. It’s not just about cash flow, it’s about negotiating, trading and maximizing anything with value to get a result.

Number 3) Think Straight

The choices you makes are not necessarily conventional, but they are thought out and planned. Ok, now let me go on a little side note with this whole unconventional thing.

Ok, now let me go on a little side note with this whole unconventional thing. (Maybe it will help you grasp the idea a little better.)

Did you know that Walt Disney built Disney world on top of a swamp? This made absolutely no sense to anybody, but Disney understood the economics. Not only could he buy the land for pennies, but he knew that the location would eventually be the crosspoint of two major thoroughfares and close to an airport, which would make his park very accessible. Building on a swamp could have been a disaster, but he weighed his risks, he had a plan, and what came of it is the “happiest place on earth”

Ok, back to economics. Number 4 is supply and demand. Know how to create a supply to fill a demand. Part of this is understanding your market niche and becoming an expert in it. It will most definitely take some research, and maybe a little testing, but the outcomes will be well worth it!

Now we are back to our acronym. So far we have R for rules (make your own) and E for economics.

Let’s continue with letter A.

A stands for Audience.

To effectively monetize your blog, you must know your audience better than they know themselves.

Have you ever been on your way to a restaurant but not feeling very hungry? Then all of a sudden you sit down to look at the menu in front of you and you are famished! Then the waiter comes to the rescue with a basket of bread. Even though you might not have been hungry before, the restaurant knows that as soon as their customer sits down, they will be ready to eat. In a sense, they know their customer better than they know themselves, because they anticipate what they will want even before they want it.

As a blogger, how can you come to know and understand the needs and wants of your audience? Let’s break it down a little:

The first key to knowing your readers is listening. As you listen, define the problems they’re having and the root of their concern. Then guide them to the perfect service or product to solve their problem.

Next, be one step ahead of them. Don’t get stuck thinking with them, think ahead of them. Make sure the bread is in the oven before they want to eat it! Good bloggers always know what their readers are going to need before their readers realize it. That is authority at its best.

Lastly, make sure you’re there at the cross-roads to guide them through each decision they’re making in the learning process. Then when it comes time to buy, you’re there {or your content is there} to make the sale.

Next in our acronym is P.

P stands for a Productivity Plan.

Figure out what works for you and establish one!

Blogging as a hobby will never get you the income you want. That would be like a seamstress who sews a lot of clothes but never bothers to sell any! You’ve got to treat blogging like it’s a real job – because it is.

As you are coming up with your productivity plan, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What time you will work?
  • What days will you work?
  • Where will you work?
  • What you’ll work on during those times?

Then remember, this is not a hopeful schedule. This is a cold, hard business schedule.

If your phone is a distraction, turn it off! If you have a tendency to check social media often, resist while you are working!

This is ABSOLUTELY the most important part of succeeding in business. You HAVE to make the time a priority. If you want to get to the place where you can generate passive and active income, this isn’t an option.

We are on the last letter of our acronym friends!

S stands for Sweet Spot.

Establish Your ‘Sweet Spot’ routine.

Before you start into work, you’ve got to be in your sweet spot. It’s your highest producing zone and it’s imperative to do if you want to be effective and maximize your results.

You need a routine to take you to your creative place. Here is what I like to do.

  • Plug in the headphones
  • Close my eyes and
  • Push play on my ‘playlist of the day’

Then I take about five to ten minutes to get in my sweet spot, to shake my mind from daily worries and cares. While I jam to my playlist,

  • I think about my goals
  • I think about where my business is and where I want it to be
  • I think about relationships
  • I think about the needs of my readers and clients
  • I think about what I can do to be more productive
  • I think about frustrations and ponder solutions and
  • I cheerlead, I remind myself of all the GOOD things that have come from my efforts

It’s really a time to process everything that’s happening in my business and get my mind in a clear, high-producing state so the work that I do gets the results that I want.

Focus is everything.

Don’t short change your sweet spot.

Congratulations! You have made it through our acronym. Now let’s review:

R is for rules. Make your own!

E is for economics. Learn them, understand them, and implement them!

A is for audience. Take time to understand them!!

P is for Productivity Plan. Figure out what works for you and make one!

S is for sweet spot. Take time to get in your blogging sweet spot!


Do these things and reap the rewards, friends! You won’t be sorry 🙂

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