10 Ways to Jump-Start an Effective Blogging Editorial Calendar HobbytoHOT.com #bloggingtips

10 Ways to Jump-Start an Effective Blogging Editorial Calendar

10 Ways to Jump-Start an Effective Blogging Editorial Calendar HobbytoHOT.com #bloggingtips

You want a blogging editorial calendar that rocks, right!?!

Then for the love! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

10 Ways to Jump-Start an Effective Blog Editorial Calendar


1) Bite Off Little Chunks
DO NOT, I repeat, do not, plan your blog editorial calendar for more than 8 to 12 weeks at a time. It’s WAY too much to handle. It will overwhelm you and I GUARANTEE you that your rhythm will change every month or so, and your blog editorial calendar needs to change with it.

{You can definitely still brainstorm for weeks ahead, but there is another system I use for that to simplify and streamline the whole process. Learn more about it over here.}

2) Schedule a Time

You’ll never get into an effective blogging rhythm if you never take time to organize your blog’s editorial calendar. It’s kind of a no-brainer, but for some reason we skip this step and think having it all in our heads is sufficient… I like to call that brain damage.

Put aside time to create your blogging editorial calendar and then lock yourself in your room until it’s done!

3) Focus on One Main Idea

An effective blog editorial calendar will focus on ONE main idea - not ONE THING – one idea. This will keep your blogging cohesive, your brainstorming will be more effective and your readers will be geared to really participate and get something out of your hard work!

4) Match Your Revenue Streams
Every post you schedule on your blog’s editorial calendar should be linked to a stream of revenue. Not because you’re being tricky, but because it’s a product or service that compliments whatever you’re writing about and you’re readers just might need it and want it!

Writing is nice. Getting paid to write is best. If you’re aimlessly promoting products and services at random times and in random places, your conversions are going to be random and so will your income.

5) Leverage Your Relationships
Guest post. Traffic is critical for a successful blogging experience. Guest posting is a great way to drive new traffic. So make sure you’re making room in your calendar to schedule guest posts.

6) Record Your Ideas
Write, write, write and record every single idea you EVER have for blog posts. You won’t end up publishing all of them, but when you write them down, it trains your mind to think subconsciously about it. Your subconscious starts to recognize that it’s something that’s important in your daily routine. As you write EVERYTHING down, your ideas will get better and your messages will be more precise.

7) Organize Your Ideas

Ideas are fantastic, organized ideas are powerful. As you organize your ideas it will facilitate the third step in this whole process: it will be so much simpler to narrow down and focus on one main idea.

8) Step Away
Take a break from your calendar – like a few days. Come back to it with fresh eyes at least two or three times before you start to lock things in. It’s amazing what a little break can do for productivity and focus.

9) Write only the best
Don’t write about EVERY idea you have. Every idea is not a good idea. I realize that every blog post won’t be epic – IMO they don’t need to be, but they should be good, actionable and succinct.

10) Set deadlines and publish dates
Now that you have everything in line, don’t forget to a) set deadlines for your writing and b) establish publishing dates on your calendar. They are two separate milestones.

Now calendar away my friends! Let’s get this HobbytoHOT! show on the road ;)

You can pick up the EXACT blogging editorial calendar system I use on Hobby to HOT! right now. The training takes about 15 minutes a day for ten days and the step-by-step video tutorials, printables and digital files make it so that you can create your own HOT! editorial calendar right along with me!


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by Bonnie Andrews
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18 replies
  1. Audra Day
    Audra Day says:

    Pinning. I can attest to the “Step Away” – I can sit and edit and re-edit for hours it seems, and stepping away and coming back with fresh eyes is really important for me.

  2. Zylo Smedley
    Zylo Smedley says:

    Great ideas! I’ve tried to match blogging to a revenue stream, but not in any kind of organized way. I’ve got to work on a few of these.

  3. Vita
    Vita says:

    Love your blog! By focusing on one main idea, do you mean that one should only write about a certain topic the whole month? Or the majority of posts should be focused on that topic but you can also have others? Thanks for sharing your brilliant tips!

    • Bonnie Andrews
      Bonnie Andrews says:

      Vita, thanks so much. Great follow-up question: I suggest sticking primarily to one main topic. That doesn’t mean you can’t deviate now and again – of course you can. However, if you want to maximize your efforts and multi-task your blogging, one topic allows you to better do that: focus on key phrases for search traffic, use your calendar as the base for an info product to monetize and also really take the opportunity to teach your readers and engage them in the topic your covering. I stick to one broad topic and then break it into micro sub-topics. It’s surprising how many different spins can come from one main focus. {This isn’t law, it’s just what I’ve tested and found to be the most productive pattern at this point.}

  4. Pam Kurz
    Pam Kurz says:

    Bonnie, I am a retired school counselor/educator with 30 yrs. of experience working with young children. Recently, I was contacted to present training workshops for a private academy in our community. I pondered the idea of consulting, presenting, and training for a week and decided it wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I was asked if I have a blog. I told the Principal I did not have a blog.However, I have toyed with the idea and thought about joining a blogging community. Please tell me where to start. I’ve been reading about your editorial calendar system and I’m impressed! Girl, where were you when I was still working in the public school system? Oh my…looking back…my desk was an outward manifestation of the 20 tracks going on in my head….thinking your organizational tips, and calendar would have helped me with time management! My husband would call my office to remind me Rome wasn’t built in one day. Yep….I’m one of those who resists closure…it drives me CRAZY to leave a project unfinished! I need some guidance here. Should I join a blogging community first, then buy your EC system or does your program discuss the best sites to establish a blog. I consider myself to be fairly educated but this social media, blogging, vlogging sound like Greek to me.

    • Bonnie Andrews
      Bonnie Andrews says:

      Pam, first off – way to go!! It’s excellent that you’ve taken the time to think through things. I am in the middle of writing a getting started with blogging e-course, but it won’t be done until January 2014, so I don’t want you to hang around waiting until then.

      Here are three excellent resources: {I recommend the ed cal system definitely once you’ve wrapped your head around blogging and feel compelled with a direction you want to go in.} Until then… definitely opt-in to the weekly training emails here and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, where you have accounts.

      You’ll want to stay tuned for what we have comin gdown the Hobby to HOT! pipeline for sure. Here are three other resources I like too:

      Copyblogger:{http://www.copyblogger.com} an excellent resource to hone writing skills and prepare you to write great content.

      Problogger: {http://www.problogger.com} an all around excellent place for blog tips and strategies

      SITSGirsl: {http://www.thesitsgirls.com}A fun online community of bloggers, very helpful, informative and a great place to get interacting.

      You’ve got a really great niche to start in and your years of experience are definitely a huge plus. If you’re ready to work from home and add to your income, blogging is a great way for you to do that.

      Thanks for asking! Have a great day :)


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